Things that make me cry

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This is beautiful and worth sharing. Tragedy transformed.
Check this out and sign the petition!!

I thought I would share some good news for a change

18 year-old Lal Bibi was kidnapped, raped, tortured and chained to a wall for five days by a gang of powerful Afghan police officers. But she stood up to do what women in Afghanistan are told not to -- she is fighting back, and together we can help her and all Afghan women win justice.

According to deep cultural mandates, as a raped woman, Lal Bibi has been "dishonoured" and will kill herself -- and she publicly says she must, unless her rapists are brought to justice to restore her honour and dignity. Afghanistan's justice system routinely fails to pursue these cases and so far the chief suspects in Lal Bibi's case have not been prosecuted, likely in the hopes that international attention will die down. Every day that passes without the prosecutions pushes Lal Bibi closer to suicide -- but there is hope.

This weekend, the US, UK, Japan and other major donors are expected to pledge 4 billion dollars to Afghanistan -- money that will pay for the very police forces responsible for Lal Bibi’s rape. But an international outcry can shame donor countries into action, conditioning their aid on real action to fight rape and protect women. We don't have much time left. Sign the petition on the right for change that could save Lal Bibi’s life and our petition will be delivered right into the donor conference in Tokyo.

Check out this website to name just a few things that make me cry, and maybe sign a petition which I do believe makes a difference and is better than doing nothing!

I love this story, not because the poor woman was bullied obviously, but because someone did something about it, inspiration and challenge to all of us I think.


  1. i know i said i wasnt talking to you again after reading that revolting 'empty nest' blog - but i am proud of you mum u are one heck of a lady - love alana

    1. Thanks my very favourite daughter! Proud of you too!!