Monday, 18 June 2012

Things I am not very good at: Keeping Greg awake

My husband Greg suffers from a sleeping disorder. He is awake when everyone else is asleep (the middle of the night) and is asleep when everyone else is awake ( any time he sits still for 5 mins during the day).

He sleeps at restaurants

He sleeps through movies, church, business meetings, parties, dinner conversations.

He sleeps on boats

He sleeps when we are at home and he sleeps when we are out. 

He sleeps at picnics

He sleeps sitting up and he sleeps lying down.

He sleeps on planes
He sleeps with other people and he sleeps alone.

He sleeps at church home groups
He sleeps on trains

He sleeps with his mouth open and he sleeps with his mouth closed.

He sleeps in cars
He sleeps with his hat on and he sleeps with his hat off.
He sleeps on safaris

He sleeps when he has a moustache and he sleeps when he doesn't have a moustache

He sleeps on bus tours

He sleeps on beaches

The bad news is that I am not very good at keeping him awake as I was with him when all these photos were taken. The good news is that I love him awake or asleep; in fact sometimes I prefer him asleep as then I can do all the talking!


  1. this REALLY made me laugh!

  2. Well done ! And with photographic evidence ! Bet he DOESN"T sleep thru and ALL BLACK Game ha ha . . .John has a similar disorder and he doesn't sleep thru AB games either :-) Di xx

    1. Thanks Di! I think I have seen John sleep through a rugby game, even with me screaming in his ear, so he may just beat Greg on that one!

  3. Fay, that's poetry. Right up there with Doctor Suess. Is that how it's spelled?

    1. That was my aim Doug, well spotted!

  4. I see a childrens book in the making for your grandchild!

    1. Thanks Leigh. It may just put him to sleep but I guess that would be a good thing!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Arina, I thought you would enjoy seeing his asleep!!

  6. awesome mum! made me and Anthony laugh heaps!! dear old dad... miss you! xoxoxo

    1. Miss you guys too and I am so glad Anthony enjoyed it!!